Mountains and lake are the most typical natural elements of the Alta Brianza and it is easy to find a route suitable for a trip out of town. For example a weekend between lake and mountain with two convenient point to reach starting from the Oasis of Baggero hostel: the ring path of Annone Lake and Monte Barro.

The ring of Annone Lake

The Annone Lake is the largest of Briantei lakes and in it is reflected various mountains, from the green Cornizzolo to the grey and rugged Grigna, Grignetta and Resegone, giving a very impressive view. The lake unfortunately does not have a navigation service, as it happens for the Pusiano Lake, however you can still admire the landscape that it offers along a loop bike that runs along it and that touches the municipalities of Civate, Galbiate, Oggiono, Annone and Suello. The cycle path joins the Lake Cycle Route, a route aboute 270 km that connects Colico, on Como Lake, and Ponte Tresa in Switzerland.

Returing to the ring around Annone Lake we can say that it is an itinerary in close contact with nature and therefore ideal for sports, cyclist and families walking, who want to enjoy a safe excursion: in fact, except for a short stretch between Galbiate and Oggiono, the streets are reserved to pedestrians and bicycles. In addiction to a considerable environmental interest, the route offers some areas of historical and cultural interest, for example by making a little detour from the path you can enter in the town of Annone Brianza and visit the Church of San Giorgio, an example of Lombard Romanesque.

The route, being a ring, can be taken from any of the municipalities that crosses, here we propose a couple of destination: if you are with the car, you can reach Oggiono, parking at the station and then go always straight until you find a small climb (called Roncaccio) followed by a descent that ends in a grove, that is one of the starting points of the cycle path. The alternative if you have to move with the public transport is to take the bus from Erba or Bosisio Parini and get off at Civate at the junction step for Oggiono, from there you have to reach the parking of Isella and enter in the cycle path. The ring is about an hour and is mostly flat, but there are short tracks with important slopes around 20%.

Monte Barro

The Monte Barro, managed by the Monte Barro Park, has many points of tourist interest: such as the archaeological park that allows you to see the remains of 14 houses of an early medieval village or the Hermitage, an ancient late Gotic church of S.Maria of the former convent of S.Francesco where you can admire some ancient beech trees. Also in the Hermitage area there is the Antiquarium which contains some archaeological items found at Monte Barro.

There are thirteen paths that often cross each other and therefore allow you to “create” various itinerary of different interest. The Monte Barro Park itself has thought of some itinerary to learn more about the various aspects of the mountain. Here we will present a variation of one of the itinerary proposed by the park that will make you a tour around the mountain allowing you to see the Brianza on one side and the Lecco branch of Como Lake, with the Lario mountains on the other side. It will also allow you to reach the Hermitage and the archaeological park.

The departure is from Galbiate, in the Roncaccio area, and the first path to take is 301: you just follow it to get to the Archaeological Park where you can read about the village that stood in those places. The next stop will be the Hermitage, which you can reach through a paved road (in theory at the Hermitage you can also get there by car, but it is more beautiful to take a nice walk in the mountains, don’t you think?). In addition to the church and the Antiquarium, you can refresh yourself in the Eremo bar and restaurant. Then you have to go back on the road up to the culcinera area and take the path 301 again that will take you to Pian Sciresa where there is a refuge where you can have lunch.

From there, always following the path 301 you will coast the eastern side of the mountain with a view looking towards Lecco and then the Adda and Garlate lake. Continue along path 301 until you reach “due case” area and take path 307 to follow to the Costa Perla Bird Watching Observatory. From there an asphalt road leads to the village, at a certain point you will find the path 302, take it and follow it for a short distance that will connect you with 301, to follow to return to the Roncaccio area from where you left.

In this route is not included the peak of Monte Barro but if you want to include it is simple: once you get to the Hermitage take the path 302 that will take you to the top where you can enjoy a beautiful view. From the summit, take the path 304 which will rejoin the 301 a little before arriving at the Pian Sciresa refuge.

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