The Brianza mountains are not very high but offer some really magnificent views that have few equals. From those mountains you can see the lakes, the hills, the plains and also the urban elements and you will be able to realize how varied the environments of Brianza are. Also it is always a good experience to stay in touch with nature and breathe the good mountain air. Starting from the Oasis of Baggero hostel, it will be possible to make beautiful excursions to the nearest Prealps: in this tour we gathered the essential information and plan your trip to Cornizzolo and to Tre Corni di Canzo.

The Cornizzolo

The Cornizzolo is the most know of Brianza mountains and although it is not very high (1241 m) has some very scenic and suggestive paths. There are many starting points and paths to make a nice excursion, the starting point closest to the Oasis of Baggero is Canzo which is about 20 minutes away by car. If you want to go by bus you must take the train from Merone and get off at the Canzo-Asso train station and than walk 20 minutes to get to the sources of Gajum where an interesting route begins for the summit of Cornizzolo: path number 7, which starts from a wide paved cart that enters in Val Ravella.

Along the path you will see an erratic boulder and sedimentary calcareous rocks. Then, you will have to go in a group of flints and a little further on there will be a stream to wade and coast on the other side; you will leave it only when you meet a crossroad: there take the right and continue until you climb over the ribs of the “Ceppo dell’Angua” through a rocky rift. The next stop is the M. Consiglieri Refuge (1110 m) which can be reached through an half-way stretch, sometimes flat and sometimes steeper. From the refuge than starts a path that will take you to the summit of Cornizzolo Mount which can be reached from the north-east ridge. The summit is a great vantage point and from there you will see the Briantei lakes and the surroundings mountains as far as the plain.

If you want an alternative road, at the junction for the Angua log, instead of going right continue along the dirt road along which you will see various types of rocks such as ammonitic red, serpentines, quartz and gneiss. In short, a perfect path if you are keen of geology. Once out of the “park of erratic boulders” you can reach the church of the Hermitage of San Miro dating back to the century XVII. From the church than you have to follow the path n°6 until you reach a crossroad: go right going up towards the Culmen whose pass leads to the nearby M. Consiglieri refuge from which as said before, you can easily reach the top of the Cornizzolo Mount. Both routes last about a couple of hours and are not too difficult, so perfect for a nice excursion.

The three horns of Canzo

Next to the Cornizzolo rise the Corni di Canzo, another beautiful destination for an excursion on the Brianza mountains. Also to reach the horns the sources of Gajum are a good starting point but, instead of taking the road to the Hermitage of San Miro, you have to go up the left path up to the Prim’Alpe (725 m) which is about an half hour or so. From there you have to take a slightly road in the direction of Terz’Alpe, but you have to leave, just after crossing a small stream, to take a path on the left that goes up a ridge and the bottom of a wooded valley.

The trail is signposted with number 5 leading to the colletta of Corni and to the flat end of the western crest of the Corni di Canzo. At this point you have to go right and you will cross woods and glades enjoying a marvelous view over the Lecco branch of Lake Como. Finally you will arrive on the grassy plateau of Pianezzo where the SEV refuge is located.

On the way back to the Prim’Alpe you can take the botanical path, consisting of a ring of about 1 kilometers that will allow you to see about 60 species of plants and flowers; if you are a botanist, it is an opportunity not to be missed. Then, you can continue the return to Canzo from the locality Repossino where you will find a farm of the same name where you can buy local and organic products, such as honey and jam.

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