The territory of Brianza and Lario is full of mountains on whose slopes numerous shrines and votive chapels have been built. From the Oasis of Baggero you can leave for some paths of great artistic interest and if you want also spiritual.

Walking to the Madonna della Neve Sanctuary on Monte Cornizzolo

On the slopes of Cornizzolo Mount stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve which can be easily reached from Pusiano or from Eupilio. The best route is the one that starts from the former Pusiano cementeries. Following an easy-to-walk cobblestone path leading to the sanctuary, you can admire Lake Pusiano with the Cypress Island. Along the path you can admire fifteen chapels in which there are bas-reliefs representing the mysteries of the Rosary.

The actual sanctuary dates back to the 16th century when a chapel is attested, but the current building dates back to the 17th century although it was the object of numerous restorations. The sanctuary is located on a clearing that also serves as a natural panoramic terrace from which you can see not only the Lake of Pusiano but also a good part of the Upper Brianza. The interior of the Church once had a wall covered with frescoes but today only a few traces remain; you can however notice a Virgin Mary that was part of a larger fresco representing the scene of the Annunciation. On the stone altar there is a bas-relief representing the Madonna with child and San Giovannino.

By car to the Sacro Monte di Ossuccio

The Sacro Monte di Ossuccio is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is just over an hour’s drive from the hostel. The devotional complex consists of fifteen chapels plus the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Soccorso and overlooks Lake Como, just in front of the magnificent Comacina Isle. With the car you can reach the fourth chapel, while if you want to do the whole walk you can park at the first chapel and from there start the climb to the sanctuary, just under a mile.

The itinerary is inserted in a lush vegetation and the road runs along olive groves, which gives the complex a great harmony between architecture and landscape.

The constructive forms vary between baroque rectangular chapels and central-plan chapels. An architectural particularity are the porticoes, which, on thin columns, extend along the road for the whole width, in order to create a close link between the path and the individual kiosks. During the journey you will easily find statues in fact, throughout the Sacred Mount, there are two hundred and thirty, made of stucco and terracotta. The experience of this excursion will be beautiful and the particular atmosphere that you breathe invite to serenity and contemplation, the ideal for those looking for a little quiet. After the visit you can stop at Lido di Ossuccio to end the day with an ice cream or an aperitif by the lake, admiring the beauty of the landscapes that have made Lake Como famous in all over the world.

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