Do you want to spend a weekend between nature and quiet? Brianza can be the right place and the Oasis of Baggero hostel is a perfect starting point and accommodation. Here’s how you can structure a nice weekend in Brianza with an itinerary that touch some of the Briantei lakes and the natural but also the artificial beauties that are close to them.

Between the Oasis of Baggero and the Alserio Lake

The itinerary that we propose can already start from the Oasis of Baggero, which offers a nice path around two artificial lakes; from here you can enjoy really striking views like flowering trees, rocks overlooking the water. The trail runs largely in the shade of a forest and you can see the animals living in the Oasis, including herons and mallards. The tour of the Oasis could be a nice way to start your weekend in Brianza, maybe after the check-in at our hostel! The Oasis of Baggero is also not far from the Alserio Lake. In fact it is enough to reach “via Buerga” in Merone, about a quarter of an hour walking from the Oasis, to start a circular ring around the Alserio Lake.

The itinerary is articulated on various routes that cross different landscapes passing trough the Buerga forest and the town of Albavilla, Monguzzo, Anzano del Parco, Alserio and Erba and then return to Merone. In addiction to relaxing landscapes of the forest and the lake you can also get in touch with local traditions and history such as Villa Carcano or the Casiglio Castle, but also deserve a look the farms and the votive symbol of the ancient tradition farmer from Brianza. In total, the path is about twenty kilometers long, including some connecting paths and you can easily do it on foot or, if you have it, by bike.

Pusiano Lake and Segrino Lake

On Sunday morning you can go to Bosisio Parini, just a 10-minute drive from Merone. Once in town you can do the parinian route or visit the places where the poet Giuseppe Parini lived, such as the church of Sant’Anna and the native house, now used as a museum and maybe, if the day is hot, take the sun by the lake or even swim. Starting from the early afternoon you can take a guided cruise on Lake Pusiano using the Motonave Enigma or the Vago Eupili boat organized by the Pro-Loco. The Motonave Enigma starts from the Darsena Brera while the Vago Eupili from the pier of Precambel.

In both cuises you can listen interesting news on the territory and admire the fauna and aquatic flora of the lake that includes grebes, mallards, coots, cormorants. Along the Cypress Island you can see, with a little luck, crowned crones and storks. The cruise will last about an hour and a quarter. Once the tour of the lake is over, you can end the day by moving to Eupilio and from there take the ring route around the small Segrino Lake around the beautiful natural setting; the path is also ideal for your dog that can fun splashing in the lake. Then, you can close this weekend in Brianza stopping at “La Corte Golosa”, a beautiful local specialized in Sicilian gastronomy, provided both with excellent desserts and savory salty.

A weekend in Brianza made of peace and quiet, in close contact with nature but also with the culture and local traditions is a great way to recharge your batteries and be ready to face a new week of work!

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