The “Oasi of Baggero” hostel is managed by Coop.Soc.META which has its Headquarters and operates in the Monza and Brianza area for over 20 years. META was founded in 1991 as a group of people – a generation of educators – that are inspired by environmental values – the parks, the nature and the outdoor activities.

META works with children, teenagers, family for the development of the person, for the construction of a social identity, activating opportunities and conditions that promotes self-knowledge, the practice of positive relationship with peers and with adult figures of reference. The concrete work brings META to place itself in different fields, to develop divergent activities for content, for developed knowledge, for contexts and sceneries, for means and instruments, but united by the modality of intervention and the pursued finality:

  • The pedagogy of adventure, with fundamental experiences of discovery and change, in favorable environmental such as outdoor days characterized by autonomy and the spirit of adventure;
  • The environmental education that improves essential knowledge and behavior and translate them into a culture of sustainable living and safeguarding the surrounding world, with guided experience of discovery and knowledge;
  • The hospitality and the welcome as an educational horizon, but also as organized and suitable spaces and structures that translate into the management of suitable places to host moments of meetings and sustainable and social tourism;
  • The integration and the aggregation, with the animation on the urban territory of center for minors open to all, full of positive social practices, educational tension and emotional circuits;
  • A network of services and resources, to enrich and support the intervention of other subject: the school, the local authority and the family.

More details on Coop.Soc. META are available at

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